Design, Gather, Nurture, Convert, Improve.

The only Social Media Training & Jump Start Paks that
fortify the rest of your marketing to grow your business.
Social Media On Steroids


Be the superhero.
Make business history.

Do you think you could get more exposure and bring in more ideal clients & customers if you had thousands, or 10s of thousands, or 100s of thousands of active fans in your social media communities every day, who are in love with your brand?

Of Course You Could!
We Did It, and We Show You How!
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Learn with us to
become the Ultimate:

  • ☆ Specialist on your ideal customers
  • ☆ Communicator with your ideal prospects & leads
  • ☆ Achiever on reaching, nurturing, and converting them across channels
  • ☆ Leader, if you are overseeing the work
  • ☆ Strategist on tracking and improving your own marketing.

SMOS courses, Jump Start service packages, and support plans can work for ANY business in virtually ANY industry.

We CAN say this because:
It's all about YOUR ideal clients or consumers

We teach social media so you learn the fundamentals of YOUR persona design, YOUR buyer's journey, YOUR outreach methods, YOUR engaging content, conversion, analytics, and more, which you can use to inform all of your marketing, your products, and your services.

It's all about the right system & habits for YOU

We don't just give you theories and fragments that you have to figure out what to do with; we give you a system you can use to immediately start getting better results. What we teach becomes an ongoing practice for ongoing results.

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Why Learn SMOS with Dan & Lori of
Drum Talk TV and SMOS?

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851K Active Fans in Just 3 Years

Many companies offer a social media course, yet they don't have the numbers themselves to support their qualifications to offer the instruction. We get the results that give us the credibility to teach what we teach. You get the benefit of learning right away what we've learned over the last three years! You won't have to spend months & months on trial & error. We've already done it for you!  (Go ahead, check out our Facebook Business Page!)

Drum Talk TV now has the largest online reach and engagement (averaging up to 20M a week; with and average up to 15K new fans per week; 100k every 3 months of 'real' active fans) of any media company covering the world of drumming; we are one of the fastest growing general music communities as well. We achieved this in less than three years, and without spending a dime on advertising or boosting of any kind.  

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20 Years in 'Big Brand' Trenches

We had been working & consulting for big brands for most of our working lives, and we combined our marketing, technology, internet, broadcast, multimedia, and journalism experience, at first, to bring to artists, educators & companies in the music industry through Drum Talk TV.  

In 2014, we founded Social Media On Steroids (SMOS) and we have been sharing our knowledge and experience with multiple industry clients of all sizes; from entrepreneurs, to professional service firms, to multi-million-dollar corporations with multiple brands.

Still have questions? Message us at 

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